Welcome to the Game of the Gods.

If you find yourself here, it’s because someone has chosen you. Perhaps it was an Avatar. Perhaps it was another Player. Perhaps you just happened to stumble across it somehow, in which case, you were chosen by fate itself.

Either way, you are faced with a choice now. One option is to turn away from Destiny. I’m sure she doesn’t mind. After all, a lady is allowed to change her mind. Go ahead. Sit on the sidelines. Turn around and run, or even just walk away. It’s not like you have any sort of obligation. That would just be sinister. No, you’re free to leave, with morbid curiosity as the only thing that could potentially pull you back.

Or you can embrace the opportunity to take part in the Game of the Gods.

Our two Avatars, Hermes and Mercury, have grown quite bored lately. Their job has lost its spark, and they have decided to recruit Players into a game: a game upon which the fates of two men rest.

You, among likeminded individuals, will have a direct line to our Avatars. meaning that you will be in partial control of one of these two men’s lives.

If their offer has piqued your curiosity, please, by all mean, examine the Rules of their game a bit more closely. Decide whether or not you plan to participate. Once again, you can walk away, or you can seize the power our Avatars are giving you.

What will you do with this power? Well, dear Players...the choice is up to you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello, Players!  Glad you’ve decided to visit our site.  I’m Avatar Hermes, one of the two writers in Game of the Gods, and my updates on the main blog will always be in blue.  Anyway, I’m here to welcome you to the main blog and explain what we’re using it for.  Apart from application, nothing on this blog is actually “part of” the game.  We’ll be using it to keep you updated on production (if, for example, an update will run late due to complications on my or Mercury’s end) and changes (like a change to the rules because something was overlooked).  Basically, it can be thought of as the “News” blog.  Be sure to pay attention if you’re a Player in order to stay up to date on what’s going on.

We’re very proud to announce that the Game is now officially open!  Please check out the rules and make sure to apply to be a Player if you plan on playing. 

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